Thursday, July 21, 2005

Fat Thursday

Two things. The first is that I've been invited to offer social commentary on one of the biggies. Madonna. That's right. Who invited, you ask? None other than the fat man himself. That's right...Santa Clause.

So, please go check out the Madonna monologues if you so desire. You'll love it...with leather.

Secondly...because I am the WORLD'S GREATEST WHORE, I have stolen all of your ideas about how you found my site and people find your sites.

I'd apologize for this, but I feel no shame.

Tim is a total fucking prick and I wish he were dead
enima queen
hardcore porn (hardcore pron)
anal plug (ring pops)
squat pee
if you meet the buddah give him the fecal ray
give it all up and go to the ho
cunt poop (cuntpoop)
Michael Phelps pubic hair
hypothetical ho
A Hollywood Producer (THE Hollywood Producer)
free porn (free pron)
i've got a cock in my pocket named for your wife (i threw that one in for good measure)