Monday, February 07, 2005

More Cards

So I was thinking that there aren't a lot of detailed get well cards, and that's just sad. So I made a few for my friends...and acquaintances and I thought I'd share them here. No pics, this time. I had too many cards and I also had a hard time thinking of pics for them. Ideas welcome. Also, I have an assload of new ... stuff at work, so... it interferes w/ the blogging, damn it.

Happy Bday, cunt.
I'm glad you got that mole removed.
It was disgusting.
I hope you don't have cancer.
If you do, I will marry again, don't worry.

to my friend recovering from ingrown toenail surgery
remember when the doctor took the scissors
and cut into your toe to cut a big hunk
of nail off? that looked like it really hurt.

to my buddy recovering from a vasectomy
I will now have to wear a condom
when I fuck your wife.
Thanks, asshole.

Now, just general cards:

Happy Bday, Candian
Too bad you guys picked the
far north of north america
to live. that was real stupid.

And finally...a card with dual purposes.

Untitled mind is dull
Happy Birthday
I don't love you anymore.