Friday, February 04, 2005

Problem Solved

Ok. The NBA used to be cool, back when the giant egos were not so giant, the concept of team sports still a concept that was understood by at least 2 of the 5 on the court and...Micheal Jordon, and Bird and Johnson before him. I used to be a fan, but no more...until now. I have discovered the cure to the NBA in three easy steps.

1.) Get rid of that silly "blood on the court rule." One overpaid player gets one tiny scratch to drop one drop of blood and play stops and all those giant walking cunts recoil while medics rush the bleeding player to the latex laden doctor on the bench for a fucking band-aid. In pro football I once saw a man take a streaming bloody shit into the mouth of an oposing player. He pulled his pants down...and this was a 350 lb (you kilo people please translate, I'm an American) lineman. He pulled his pants down and streamed a bloody shit...fecal shit, mind you. The other guy drank every fucking drop, stood up and said, Is that all you got? THAT, my friends, is blood sport.

2.) Make those pansies finish the fights they start. Everyone's always jumping in to stop the fights of these oestric vagi-muffins. Let them fight, it would make the game so much better and also make them less likely to start the fights. Problem solved. In fact, let it be a team battle, give them weapons, it would shorten the fucking season.

3.) No timeouts in the last five minutes of the game. Jesus. I got on the treadmill, turned on the game--four minutes until it was over--ran for an hour and still didn't catch the end of the game because of all of the timeouts.

That is all. I love you.