Friday, December 31, 2004

Sense of Smell

My favorite part in The Silence of the Lambs was when Jodie Foster walks into the prison and Miggs says, "I can smell your cunt." Then Hannibal says, "I see. I myself cannot. You use Evian skin cream, and sometimes your wear L'Air du Temps, but not today."

I'll bet Hannibal was right. Jodie Foster always looks so clean and fresh. I'll bet Miggs was just saying that because he was a mean guy.

I tried that line at work once. The HR lady was bringing around checks and I slyly said to her, "I can smell your cunt."

She said, "Excuse me?"

That threw me. Jodie Foster just kept walking. The scene was all wrong. And I was playing the part of Miggs when I really wanted to be in the role of Hannibal. Shit. I realized that I should have had one of my coworkers tell the HR lady that he could smell her cunt, so that I could then have the cool lines.

As a last resort, I considered hurrying and masturbating, but then I just wasn't up to it.

Talk about someone who's really willing to throw the whole Sexual Harassment term around is someone from HR. I did apologize and explain my motives, but she was nonplussed.

I think they should redefine the rating from R-Restricted to R-Really bad idea to do at work. That would make more sense, don't you think?