Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Xmas you Crazy Xtians

Well, it's officially colder than a witches' tit, and I believe that a witches' tit is very, very cold. I wonder why. Must be because witches don't get any play what with the warts and all. Big noses, warty, cackly, mean, who would want to nuzzle that tit?

I love the word tit, it makes me titter. I'll bet titter grew out of tit. Tit, tit, tit.

I'll bet the witches in Buffy the Vampire Slayer have warm tits. I'd help warm them. Those witches are nubile. Even odd Willow. But she's a lesbian. Maybe all witches are lesbians and it takes a man's hand to warm a tit all proper. How's that for genderism? Would that make the gay man's penis warm and all straight men's peni cool? Speaking as a married man, I start to see some sense in what I'm saying, for once.

A cheer to my friends:
May your tits be warm
and your penis be envied.

Merry Xmas, if it applies to you. If it doesn't? CONVERT, SINNER.