Friday, December 17, 2004

Share In my Good news

Well, friends, we got a puppy. It's a black lab from the pound and he's pure black and has the craziest webbed feet. I had no idea dogs had webbed feet, but turns out--they do.

My kids wanted to name it and so I said, great--tell me your ideas. My four year old tells me he wants to name him Webbie (based on the webbed feet). That's so cute, I say. Then I ask my seven year old and he votes for Tank! Oh, I laugh and laugh at how cute they are and then I say, no.

Why, they ask and ask and I tell them I've already decided on a name. Yeller. That's right.

Then the oldest says, But he's not even yellow. That's when the first beating of the morning begins. After that exertion, Yeller is the name.

After weeks with the dog, I begin reading the story Old Yellow. I don't normally read to my kids because television is so much more efficient, but I had to for this joke to come off like I planned.

Sure enough, when they gunned down old Yeller in the end, my kids were hysterical!

We're not going to have to kill our Yeller, are we dad?

Oh, I laughed and laughed and then said. Not we, kids. You.