Thursday, December 23, 2004

Hut One

I think it would be very funny if, during a game, after the quarterback lined up behind the center, he shouted out, "Down, set, hut 1, hut 2, hump, hump, hump!" Then he started humping the center wildly--one hand grabbing the thigh of the center, the other hand (the dominant hand) slapping his ass like a cowboy spurring on his horse.

It would probably take awhile to get the trust of the center back, but sometimes the joke is worth the reprecussions.

What the hell does hut one mean? And is football the gayest sport ever? All the men bend over in catch position, the quarterback slides his hands into the warm groin of the center. They all fall in piles and hit each other, then fall in piles again, yet they all act so macho. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Hockey makes sense. It's an excuse to fight. Carry a stick, hit a little puck, then fight.

And is the word arrears the gayest word ever? And I mean Man-gay, not woman gay. I'm not sure what the gayest lesbian word ever is. Are you?