Sunday, February 13, 2005

Old Friends

Last night, my oldest had a sleepover with a friend and my youngest was lonely so I lay down with him to try to wait him out in sleep, but he won and I fell asleep first. My wife told me that one of my old friends, Fellatio, called last night while I was asleep and she didn't have the heart to wake me.

I was sad to hear I missed his call, I haven't heard from Fellatio for a long time...maybe years. Last I heard from him, he had moved back to Italy and was popular as ever, he had such a knack for making friends. Everyone loved him, but I always felt like we had a special bond. Who can say, time has put so much distance between us, time and circumstance.

I think that my wife secretly never really cared for my old friend, you know that old cliche, that you don't like any of your girlfriend's friends and she doesn't like any of yours. Well her friends were certainly a pack of cunts, and some of mine were disdain worthy, but not Fellatio.

It seemed for awhile that she liked him, I'm not sure what happened. Fellatio used to come over on the weekends to an apartment we shared and we'd all sit around and drink cheap wine and laugh. Sometimes he'd come over several times in a weekend. Ah, those were the days that I remember with such fondness. Reminiscence will eat you if you're not careful.

Anyway, I wish she would have woken me, but I understand that she didn't. I hope he calls me back tonight.