Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sex is no fun without you

So, good news. The skinny pretty one is back at Blimpe. I wondered if the fat one had eaten her when very hungry as she must get, but I guess she was on vacation. But she's very nice, the fat one. Not the skinny one, she's mean but she can be.

I think a good idea for an invention is a vagina helmet like the ones that the sea divers wear but a vagina.

The only thing that I can't figure out is how to breathe mucous.

I know what you're thinking. Why not just make a nostril helmet. My answer is this: why don't you leave me alone and build your own damn helmet? Do you think it's easy being a famous inventor who figures out how to breathe mucous? Do you think nose mucous is the same as vaginal mucous? Did you ever think of that?

I'm going on some short leave soon. I know this saddens you but I'll braid your hair when I get back.

Sorry about yelling about the mucous thing. I have been kinda stressed out with the world cups on.

My team Trinidad and Tobago is not doing as well as I thought. Trinidad looks sharp but fucking Tobago...ya know? Do they think the world cups are around every year? It's like they just don't care. I may have to root for...Uzbekistan or someone. I'm just not sure.

Have a nice weekend/week/etc.