Monday, October 11, 2010

chicken enchiladas for dinner! omgomglol!!!! isn't it wonderful!!!>>>

I think I've figured out an objective argument against gay marriage which is nigh-unassailable from the god-forsaken left winger nut jubs who love Obama and hate America and want to tear it down and build in its place Taxutopia.  

Today is gay brainwash-all-your-kids-into-becoming-gay-pride-day, so-called grainwash or gainwash... or fuck it, I can't think of a good name to mock it, OK?  But consider it mocked if just not well-mocked.  

It's all over the facegooks.  People are saying gay this, gay that and it's almost more than I can stand.  I go there so I can see what people I barely know made their kids this weekend and milquetoast quotes from Einstein, and meaningless tests which tell me my personality type is a Virgo -- not more gay propaganda trying to turn me and my children (and especially your children) gay.  

That's not why I go there.  

To the facegooks.  

I go for boring status updates and sometimes Mafia Wars though I'm not sure why Mafia Wars because it's terrible, I guess I've just fallen into a bit of online rut, you know?  Pay for status refills?  Are you fucking nuts?  What jobber does that?  Who has the time let alone the money?  Right?

As well on some news site, some old fat dude in New York also says he didn't march in the gay parade and I'm pretty sure he didn't because he looks like he spit out a plug of chaw before he done the interview.

Too, he's apparently a builder and I'd be the last to say the gays can't build but... let's just say this guy isn't building lime-puce condos in soho, whatever that means (it means nothing cause I don't know what a soho is and I don't want to know what a soho is (except it sounds pretty gay, if you asked me which is why I will not go there. (ever. (lolj/k, it's a chic neighborhood in NYC which is expensive but has lovely art and exquisite, if highly expensive, real estate.  (So-called gaytopia.))))).  

Anywho, on that train of thought I said to myself... I can end this gay debate once and for all and I can use logic which is basically irrefutable except by religion and magic.  Sometimes you can let logic and magic and religion work together if the religion agrees with the logic... in that way you can have logic inside of religion.

It's like this... let's say I have a logic that says, Man in hat, earth is flat... and then I point to a man wearing a hat... in that way logic works with religion and magic (magic is very different from religion) because it accentuates the truth.

Now, follow me through this... it's not quite I think therefore I am (which makes no damn sense because who gives a fuck about that guy? (Cogito ergo sum?  WTF is that nonsense?  Quick question... English... learn it)).  

It's not quite like that at all... not nearly so meaningful but it bears some concentration like that Pythagoras theorem...

The crux of my argument is this... If god had meant for there to be gays he would have made Adam and STEVE, not Adam and Eve!  Now if we start from there, we can safely go here... did god create Adam and Steve?  No, he did not.  Therefore, no gay marriage.  Solved.

Not convinced?

Fine, look at it another way.  Are there gay Hindus?  No, there are not.  

Not enough proof?


What about the Chinese... no gay Chinese...  I think it's technically illegal even though they don't exist.  Except maybe B.D. Wong... I think he might be gay...  Probably because nothing rhymes with B.D. Wong.

With some branches of logic, rhymes are very important.  Adam and Steve works in this case because Steve rhymes with Eve... Had it been Adam and Carol?  Less of an impact.  Espesh cause Carol could be a man or a woman.  It's ambiguous and it doesn't rhyme, see?  It's one of those names created by the gays to confuse us.  Carol is.  Not ambiguous, though it's not an easy word.   

Picture this, you're jackin it to a Carol (mmmmmmmmm sweet, sweet Carol Brady) and suddenly you find out that IT'S A MAN (that guy who played Archie Bunker who later went crazy and murdered that drug dealer but who cares, just a dead dealer)!!!!!

That's confusing to a young mind.

Let me sum up with this... Gay marriage?  disproved.

Plus, only jack it to solid girl names.

And you'll be safe and sane.