Friday, June 30, 2006

This is the way we wash our clothes, blow our nose, blow our ho's

I gained over five pounds in fat Florida and now I'm too ugly to look at. Look away. Florida has some kind of process wherein the fat rays are pumped into you whilst you sleep and whilst you hide from the too cruel sun.

Florida, dear Florida,
that's where they learn
the flights are Boston
but not the dreams

So in my dream I'm a cop and I need dna evidence on the 2 guys who are maintenance dudes in my building and I tell this guy who is standing in front of work that I need their dna.

This guy who's wearing a baseball cap tells me that these to maintenance dudes are always paying him for sex and blow jobs and such and pulls out a ziploc baggie with the semen of one of the suckee maintenance dudes and then a cellophane wrapper filled with the dribbles of semen extracted from the informants ass.

Now I know I'm a little more gay each and every day but I wonder if law enforcement is in my future.

Is that a reasonable thing to do? Trap your lover's semen in cellophane from a cig pack?

I would consider that a violation but sometimes I'm a little bit broken in the wrong ways.