Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Snicker Snack says the Cheshire Cat

Dear people named Thom,

No one is impressed. Really. You think that extra h is so cool, but it's just confusing. Please conform to the regular spelling of Tom or we'll keep calling you thom. Same to you, Sean.

Guess what. Florida hires black people to drive their garbage trucks, too. When I saw that I was immediately surprised. My first thought was that there probably existed some invisible caste system based on race and perpetuated by poverty, racism and a pervasive sense of pessimism.

But then my second thought made more sense: the black mafia--an organization run by that one black fellow what done that Washington DC marching event. Remember? And the Fox news guys were all, there weren't even close to a million marchers. Then the other side was, there were so. At least a million, probly more.

Finally, I must admit that I cannot understand how you keep going to Subway when Blimpe is so much better. You're a tool to the advertising Jareds of the world. Unlike me. Because I go to Blimpe.