Saturday, January 08, 2005

In the Valley of the Blind the Man with the Seeing Eye Dog is Prince

Now, I hate to stereotype, but what is it with blind chicks, are they hot, or what? I just saw that movie The Village and there's this blind woman in it and she is sexy as hell.

I think I'll add to my list of resolutions to fuck more blind women or...blindies as I now call them IN MY MIND.

And sensitive? Oh, yes. All blind women are very sensitive. That's how they get by on extra feeling, so to woo them you have to have a good personality, have to have a good heart cause they can sense it. That's the drawback.

I'll need to invite someone with a good heart to help me woo them, then I'll take them to the bedroom where I will lie to them about all kinds of things. Yes, darling, my penis is fifteen inches, or whatever.

If there are any blind babes reading this (I'm sorry, but I HAD TO) please know I have a pretty clean heart and possibly a fifteen incher, or an A Bomb as we call them "in the trade."

Love, Ho.