Saturday, March 05, 2005

Some Guy in a Truck

I was riding around town today with my oldest son and we were coming up on a red light. I stopped and let this guy come out of a parking lot go in front of me because I'm so kind to strangers. He was driving a brand new red truck.

As he drove out, he raised his left hand in a wave, it was then that I noticed that his hand was missing as well as half of his forearm--just a rounded nub about six inches below the elbow. It kinda freaked me out, I must admit.

My first thought was, that was nice of that guy to wave with his bad hand, then I does he drive that thing with only one hand.

"Did you see that guy w/ his hand cut off, son?"

"I did dad."

"Did you see how nice he was...he waved to us when we let him in, no one in Utah would wave if you let them in. People are so sweet in Omaha, I'm glad we live here."

"Dad, he totally flipped you off."

Shit. My son was right. That guy totally flipped me off. He wasn't waving at all, he was shooting me the mute bird.

"Son, use this as a lesson, cripples will fuck you every time they can."

"I know, dad."