Friday, February 25, 2005

Fantasy Adventure

So just the other night, as I lay masturbating to MTV I realized that MTV has really turned to shit. It used to be that you could get at least one video an hour that focused primarily on giant boobs.

Hip hop was on and it would shift from big boobs to young men in white t-shirts and gold chains, and it really fucked up my concentration. I would stroke, pause, stroke, pause, etc. It took me a good...two minutes to finally finish. When I climaxed it was to a sweaty black dude with one gold.

What happened next can only be described as a sick moment of zen. My ejaculation was huge and a drop flew RIGHT INTO MY MOUTH. My own semen in my mouth. Then it happened, I could feel my final one percent of heterosexuality fading away with the melting drop of cum on my gum.

I shot straight up and spit right onto the carpet. I quickly ran into the kitchen, boxers around my knees, stomach wet with man goo, and into the kitchen. I cracked open a beer and rinsed my mouth out. I chased the beer with fried chicken and passed over the cheesecake for a day-old donut.

It passed.

I slumped to the floor covered in fried chicken crumbs and semen, the last tattered percent frayed a bit but still with me. I cursed MTV and reached for a rag before bed.