Saturday, February 19, 2005

Look at the sharp teeth

If I was a vampire I would be the kind of vampire that embraced hip-hop. All of the other vampires would be ... ah, Vamp Ho, it's just noise, just thumping and booming bass and bad rhymes about alcohol and women.

I would hear them out because I'm the kind of vampire that respects the individual argument, I'm all about peace and love even though I embrace hip hop.

Then I would present my argument that hip hop is a living force created out of poverty and need, of struggle to be heard in a culture of viagra and marginalization, of validation of life where before there was none.

Then probably a vampire would call me a wigger. Then it would be GO TIME--vampire style. I'd bring out the vamp teeth and probably bite his head off--that's what vampires do when they fight, in case you didn't know. I get kinda cranky at name calling.