Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I think The Wizard of Oz would have been a better movie if the Mayor of Munchkin City...instead of singing his welcome of Dorothy would have said, "Sieze her! We'll grind her bones to make our bread!"

Then Dorothy, nonplussed, started kicking munchkin ass. Blue checked dress flying up to reveal clean white panties which slowly turn red from Munchkin blood.

At one point, eight Munchkins get her down and are bashing in her face with a yellow brick when out of the shadows jumps Toto, an eighty-pound pit bull and just starts eating Munchkins.

Over the fray you can hear Dorothy shout, "Eat ruby slipper, Munchkin."

The rest of the day, she is challenged by various sundry creatures which she defeats and becomes the true Wizard of Oz.

A slice of truth from my life: Court, today. Drinking heavily to ensure my best foot is put forward.