Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Shadowed Triangle

When a woman wears a skirt and crosses her legs, there is a moment when I am sure I can see the world, and God knows I look. The legs cross on any skirted woman and my eyes dart to that black triangle made of shadow--looking for something, for anything.

It seems as though women go to school to master this leg crossing trickery because I've stared many, many times and have never seen even a peep of panty. Not one peep. Not even a pip. Always shadow. Except on Paris Hilton and that doesn't really count.

You probably noticed I said any woman and you probably say to yourself, even your mom, HO? I have to laugh when you say that, though. My mom doesn't have legs anymore.

Sometimes I push her over, she falls over pretty easy. "Help me up, Ho," she croaks.

Ah, it makes me giggle.

Sometimes I help her up and say, "You should be more careful, mom."

It's pretty sad, but I think she really likes it.