Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Armagedon...or is it?

I think that what people don't understand right about now is that it would be the perfect time for a troll and orc attack on the city of Las a team-up with the undead.

Some people laugh at me when I tell them about this but it's something that I really think should be taken seriously. Why the zombie/orc army now on vegas?

Two words: E 3.

All of the comic book and d&d nerds are all packed into convention centers and none of them have their bastards swords. There are no vorpal blades, no Bow of Elven Fury + 4, no real replicas of Sting or Glamdring, no plate mail, no chain mail..I mean the best that they're going to be able to scrounge up is maybe some studded leather.

And we all know that studded leather is really only good for rogues. Will that help the barbarians? Will that help the Paladins? The clerics? The magicians? Ha! Fooled you there. Magicians can't wear armor.

So you might want to either avoid Vegas for awhile...or hurry and drive some heavy chain mail down through Utah in case the trolls come.