Sunday, May 15, 2005

Fab Fivery

If I were a member of the fab five I would be the one that refused to acknowledge that he was gay. I would tell people that all of my male friends were merely close friends and that we were not having anal sex, nor was I sucking any dick. I would not, however, state that my dick was not being, I have limits.

I would also carry around a chopstick on the show..if the guy we were making over tried to hug me I would poke him very hard in the chest with the narrow end of the chopstick. I would utter this phrase to accent the poke, "You won't turn this boy gay, Chachi. Not today."

I would then get in a fight with the hair guy. He thinks he's so cool, but he's not.

At the end of the show..when the other four were drinking cosmos I'd have a bottle of bourbon and I would pee in the sink. I think that would prove my point.