Monday, May 09, 2005

Ho's R Us

If I had an adoption agency I would pretty much deal in retard babies. I think that's probably a niche that hasn't been filled.

I guess I'd call it "Retard Babies For Cheap" or maybe "Hey..Retards..Half Price." I'm not much into slick or clever names but I'm totally into cheap retard babies.

I think I would build a closet in my office and hide in there with the baby, then when the parents came in to get their baby I'd jump out with a healthy baby and shout, "Surprise! I have a healthy baby for you!"

I think parents would really like that. I'll bet they'd really giggle when the shock of being scared wore off. But they'd have to pay a lot more for a healthy baby. Babies aren't cheap.

And i think jumping out in a clown outfit would add a nice touch. Like a doctor clown. Or a Jesus clown..and maybe shout, "Look, the Jesus clown made your retard whole again."