Thursday, May 05, 2005

A blessing on your house Mozzletof, Mozzletof

I'm sorry to innundate everyone with post after post but this was really important.

Apparently I'm under consideration to be one of George Bush's Points of Light. A really great honor.

I guess word got out that I'm trying to bring together Christians and Jews.

It started last December when I started really worrying about how Jews probably felt bad about not celebrating Christmas..and Christians felt bad about not knowing how to greet a Jew during the holiday time.

As you may or may not recall the solution was very simple. Merry Christmas, Jew. Say that to everyone and all the bases are covered. a fine continuation of that tradition and a further boost to my point of light status I have come up with a new one to bring together the Jews and the Mexicans: Happy Cinco de Mayo, Jew.

I think if we can just follow that simple protocol then the Jews and Mexicans can finally live in harmony.

Failing that..Stinko de Mayo. If you don't like Jews or Mexicans..try Stinko de Mayo. But don't tell the Points of Light Foundation that I told you that.

I love you for your patience. Sorry again to post six times in one day.