Wednesday, May 04, 2005


I normally keep all of the good things for myself.

I hate to share attention.

When I first started on a campaign to have 8zero8 fired I had no idea it would work. My goal was to get him off the blogging circuit so that there would be only me. First that cunt...what was his name? Junker. Then others and others and others...

It's no secret that I consider myself like one of those...Highlanders. Well..8o8 is also a highlander..though he's the kind of highlander who is out of a job.

I wouldn't normally send you to his site..but his wife begged me to send you there. And to contribute to their well-being. As I have contributed. I sent them my 3rd best dining room table and also my lead pocket watch.

If you have a some Ho Ware. Or go to that cunt 8o8's site and help him out. He probly needs it more... at least he says so.