Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Stories from my basement

So there I was...in the laundry room doing laundry when a shirt comes down the laundry shoot and hits me squarely in the face.

This shirt was a man's shirt and totally unknown to me. I wear a medium...this was a large. My shirts all have my logo on the chest..this one had one of those bumper flap women who are naked and silhouetted with their knees up in the air.

Then it hit me. My wife is having an affair and she's also making me do his laundry. Ugh. This was really too much. I work, I clean...I well, I work and I clean and that's quite a bit, and now this.

I really considered going up to her and confronting her on the issue. Maybe even going "a few rounds" with her new gent. Then I remembered the shirt was a large and I sorely hate to have my ass kicked.

Then it hit me...again. I quickly loaded a red load and threw the white t-shirt into the mix. Not to stop there I turned it from the traditional cold...to hot. That's right. Hot.

I smiled at the thought of her boyfriend wearing this new...shrunken pink shirt. His belly poking out a little, him..slowly turning gay.

Then I really sat down and thought about marriage. It's pretty cool, but don't mess with the person who does laundry--they can turn you gay.