Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tree Reaction

There were notable reactions to the tree post, notable in that they were terrible and made me cringe and in that spirit I bring them to you. Let's start off mild...shall we? These were brought to us today by both Chief and Tim and the letter C.

If you're unmoved by any of this...and I wouldn't blame you one bit if you were both unmoved, disgusted and..downright angry...demanding money back..carrying torches to burn my house down..then you can check out the unauthorized biogoraphy of my life.

It's mostly false, of course. My life had much more sex involved and it's really too well written to fully capture the badness of my writing and art..but it's worth a laugh. One small laugh. The sperm part is true, though. It's found here.

This looks like a good ole' fashioned gang bang folks!

This one...I just stare at and wonder. I mean on one level..he's really taking care of business..on another level..he's fucking a tree.

This one just makes me giggle. I'm not sure why.

This one reminds me of both Hermie and the Hermaphrodite pron I watched as a young man. I still pour hot coffee in my eyes over that one. I mean...I dig a good androgynous ass fuck as much as your next guy...really...well, not really.

This one...this one reminds me of home and apple pie and deep plunges in the hot, hot springs buried neck deep in moist wet.