Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Dan Brown? I don't like to be ignored, Dan

Hey, Dan Brown...did you forget about me? Did you forget about our little grudge match that I challenged you to? Are you going to try and say I just ended a sentence in a preposition? I thought so.

Listen, Dan Brown, we all know you're a big fat pussy. Your mom told me you were last night after we made love and I shaved her back hair--you'll need to get a new blade on your razor, by the way...sorry.

Dan Brown, because you're a pussy who writes shitty little books that sell like a gazillion copies and people invite you everywhere for lectures and book signings...just like me...someday... I'm going to hook you up on a new challenge.

You are officially off the hook for the physical fight. I will no longer flatten your nose and write messages in your boogery blood. The new challenge is a write off. My VAGINATION versus whatever else you can steal from that one dead English chick who wrote all those books with the endings that you could never figure out with that gay Poirot...and yes, he was certainly gay.

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