Monday, March 28, 2005

Ipods and stds

The word clamidia makes me giggle when I hear it. Except when the doctor says, "You have clamidia." Kinda loses its fun when that happens. Not...that it has ever happened.

Now on to the meat of the subject. There's this Ipod commercial that is on all the time where these dancers are in sillhouete (Did you mean: silhouette? probably). There's this one dancer who is in a mini skirt and she just dances around w/ the popular Ipod.

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At first I didn't really think about her. Now I do all the time. Is it bad to want to fuck a silhouette? I'm pretty sure it is, but I can't help myself.

If I met her, I would dress up in my nicest outfit. I'd have a martini in hand and I'd saunter over and say, "Nice skirt." That nice skirt gets them all the time.

She wouldn't hear me, of course, because she'd be rocking out to the Ipod.

Then I'd probably yell it, "NICE SKIRT."

"Huh?" she'd say, removing one earpiece.

"Nice skirt," I'd say while swirling my cocktail and giving her the smoothe gaze of my ... gaze.


I'm sure she'd say, "Whatever."

Then I'd have my dog attack her. I never was good w/ rejection.

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