Thursday, March 17, 2005

Poems and books

I've had this little rhyme going through my head for the past week:

Short flight, short flight, long flight, long
This is a penis, this is a dong.

I'm happy with that little ditty. It goes well with my idea for creating new and pornographic reading books for adults that teach them how to read and keep their interest.

The problem...I cannot think of an inverse part of the rhyme. I have this:

Long flight, long flight, short flight, short
This is a long dress, this is a skort.

Now, I am not a fan of the skort, it occludes sight to the hidden triangle and that wilts a large part of my psyche. Plus the last part has nothing to do pron or keeping a grown man or woman's interest. I could use some help, I'm afraid.

On a serious note, over my vacation I finished the final draft on a long project that I've been working nights on to finish, that of a novel. I announce this only to see if anyone has any sterling advice for publishing or agents. I'm tempted to print out 10k copies and hand it off to strangers, but something tells me that approach is foolishness. If anyone has any sage advice, your email to me would be most welcome. Thank you.