Thursday, March 24, 2005

Well I've been reading

On vacation I read the following:

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Precious short on cod, though. I got it for the fucking cod. Weak, I know but it made me laugh.

Am I the only guy that thought this book blew? Work that into an anagram, I dare you. My next book will be an anagram of Dan Brown Sucks. That's it. One long, tedious anagram.

On to more interesting things. At least to me.

I wish my name were Scott. Scott who occasionally reads this're the luckiest guy ever because of your name.

If my name was Scott and I met new people I'd extend my left that's always distracting... and say,

"I'm Scott and you're not."

Most people would say nothing...being confused or irritated. Because I'd say it in a tone of superiority. I'm Scott...pause...and you're (extend the you're and make sure they know I spell it right IN MY MIND) not.

This is great until you actually run across another guy named Scott. Mostly they wouldn't say anything, but sometimes you'd run across a Scott who replied, "I'm Scott, too."

I'd reply, "No, you're not." Quietly so they didn't think I was defying them, but they'd hear and they'd say, "I heard you. And I most certainly am Scott."

Then I'd kill them and eat their body because I'm 1/2 cannibal.

Best not to be named Scott when I'm around.