Friday, April 01, 2005

Slide Show

It was a day like no other. Big meeting in the big conference room. The room was packed except for the seat of honor...the seat of slide show running.

I sat down with confidence and poise...all eyes on me. It was reserved for me, clearly. They knew that I was the BEST SLIDESHOW GUY EVER.

Immediately the meeting started and I was put to the test. Normally the first slide is lingered on, savored, but not today. BAM! Page 2. I was flustered, my hands shaking from the pressure, but I was equal to the task. I pulled out my mighty cock and struck the spacebar advancing the slide--then quickly put my cock away. It was like lightning.

The speaker lingered on slide 2. Savored it. Ran his tongue over it and reveled in its glory. It was a slide depicting the future of my company. We were going to work SMARTER, not HARDER. God knows we work HARD enough.

On and on and into ages he led us into the trenches. We can't survive as a company if we don't work smarter, on and on and on and on and I was lost in the cadence and almost missed him say, "Next slide."

I paused. I let all eyes fall on me and I defied them all in that moment. I looked at their demanding eyes, their hurt and wanton eyes, their eyes of savagery and shame and I paused a bit more. AB--who I may work with--actually spit at me. Again...flashlike...dong (mighty)...keyboard...replace.

The meeting lasted and lasted and grew longer and longer and we get sweaty as the slides slid by under my confident hand, slide 3, 4, 5 and on up to slide 37 and at 37...the last slide...we exploded in a giant orgasm out the door and back to our cubicles.