Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I've been really lifting weights

If I were a vagina I would build up the smooth muscles of the soft vaginal wall until the muscles rippled like pink sheened six-pack abs.

On the wall of my vagina...THE VAGINAL WALL...I would tattoo the prettiest pictures of soft flowers and brands of beer so that when the penis came in he would feel right at home.

After the penis got comfy I would trap him with the iron grip of the vaginal walls.

He would go from, "Hey, this is pretty sweet."

To, "Hey, you have a pretty strong vagina...so strong I can't even move."

I'd say, "SILENCE."

Then I would take my GREAT VAGINAL ARM and reach deep into my fallopian tube (the left one, of course) and bring out an egg.

The penis would say, "Hey, now...careful...what are you going to do with ..."

He would break off there because I'd plunge the egg down through his penal eye and plant it right in the vas deferens.

Then I would shoot out the penis and seal the vagina with a thick mucous coating having passed on my seed.

Please enjoy the pictures of the story.

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dont be scared

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