Saturday, April 02, 2005

Warning...DaVinci Shit his Pants here

Ok, so he has a gunshot wound and he's bleeding to death and he has the wit to sit down and write out clues to where the grail is hidden--and to top it off do it in anagrams--and to top that off write it in his own blood?

I can't solve the Sunday jumble with an entire pot of coffee, a supremely satisfying shit, 3 good eggs and a fucking dictionary.

That's it, Dan Brown. I challenge you to a fist fight. No rules.

I can totally picture me beating your ass down then writing a message to you in your own blood.

xus nworB naD

And 2 Harvard doctorates can't recognize a page of words written backwards? Am I taking crazy fucking pills here?

"It's not Aramaic," he says.

"Nor is it Semitic," retard-too says.

No shit, jackoff it's English written backward. Get me a fucking mirror and sit down, retard.


Sorry, this is all I have, today.