Monday, April 25, 2005

Time for the Groping

If I were the janitor at a public swimming pool I would spend most of the time standing in the shade, leaning on my broom and just watching the babes.

Every so often as I saw a babe go into the rest room I would accidentally stumble in and wander around for a bit...then shuffle out mumbling my apologies.

The chicks would start to call me, Stumble-in-Sam.

I'd watch them as they sat poolside...smoking their cigarettes...every pull a notice that they wanted to suck my dick.

Women send signals that way. I used to be ignorant of that fact, then I wised up.

Women especially like to give blow jobs to jaintors in bathroom least I think that's true. I hope it's true. I'm pretty sure it's true. That's kind of the plan, anyway.

I'd also pretend I was blind and walk around...hands out in a groping for wall stance...looking really for boobs.

But I won't do this. Women aren't stupid. You can fool them with stumbling around, but not groping. That crosses a line, my friend.