Saturday, April 23, 2005

More fun with fruit and veggies

Well, more e-mail in. This time from the lovely Min who sends us new, fun pictures to peruse and ponder upon. Beware...those among us who have weak stomachs for phallic foods and vaginal plants may wish to look elsewhere for entertainment. This is not for the weak of heart or timorous spirit. Not here. Not today.

Feel free to click the pics for a close-up. I shrunk them down because I'm pissed that IE munges my border. Use Firefox, darlings. You'll thank me.

Why is it that the only carrots I grow turn out like this? I think the most disturbing part of the picture is the dangling...spermy thing that seems to be leaking out MANHOOD.

If I had a vagina topiary it would surely look something like this. I suspect I would groom mine a bit better...this one's a bit shaggy.

When I die, bury me at penis rock. Please.

Let me translate the Mexican that's in this picture. My secondary job is translator for a local hospital. It says...something like...Hey, look at my big wang, Gringo. Gringo seems to mean darling, or cherished one. Not really positive on that one.

This one is almost...alluring...almost seductive. If not for the giant tree dong going into the hidden giant tree vagina I would have cried a small tear. Instead, I got an erection. Erection > tears.

If I were a tree, I'd look like this one. I'd bite you if you got close to me, though. Unless you were coming to suck my tree dick. I'd know.

Finally, my favorite. This one is the best one...both from the vulgarity factor and the "I'd sure as hell hit that if I came across it in the wild" factor. Is it me, or is that thing calling to Ho? Ho....oh, Ho...come nurture my roots with your seed.