Sunday, April 24, 2005

Well, well, whale

Well, I've been reading about evolution the last few days. Interesting stuff. Apparently we're all ex-monkeys. Who knew?

I'm allowed to read about evolution because I'm a non-traditional Christian. By that I mean that I don't believe in Jesus or God but I do believe that when I die I'll go to heaven.

I think all of my old pets will also be in heaven and they'll greet me as I cross over. I think they will also forget about the times I had to shock them with the shock collar for barking too much. Who wants that memory in heaven? Not me. Not them, either.

So I guess whales evolved to land...then back to water. Stupid whales. It makes me laugh when I eat them. I think to myself...I probly wouldn't eat you if you hadn't evolved back to the water. Especially the sperm whales. I love me sperm whale salad.

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