Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Book Update

Many of you know that I have written my first novel. Yes, that is an established fact. What you don't know is that last night I rewrote it into a musical.

The book was a quirky little story about a white man (Ho) who drinks his way from bar to bar in the Midwest. It's now about a Japanese man named Hap who has to work in a Kansas slaughter house to make ends meet. It's also a musical.

The original was about 60k words long, but I've had a hard time coming up with good rhymes so the new musical is only about 2 pages...so far.

I haven't written the score but I have in my mind very intense opera music. If you sing this really loud...REAL LOUD...it sounds a lot better. If you don't it still kinda sucks. I try to use that one Queen song...got a moosh, got a moosh will you do the fandango..blah blah blah blah..etc. very very frightening me. Gallieleo..repeat until Gay.

Hello my name is Hap and I need a job

Hap..dun, dun, dun...Hap..dun, dun, dun
what kind of name is Hap for a Jap?

Jap is offensive! Jap is offensive!
I am Hap and Jap is offensive!

Ok, I'm sorry. Jesus, back off Jap.
You're very sexy for a Male Japanese man.
I will hire you for the brain crew
even though you're not a Jew.

I'm a Jap, not a Jew
Do I have to be a Jew?
Do I do i do i do?

Most of them are Jews
on the brain crews.

I guess I'll take the work
i'm a Jap not a jerk

I'm ass deep in cow blood
Cow blood, cow blood
I'm ass deep in cow blood
I have brain on my sleeve.
Brain on my sleeve!
Oh, shit, I think..
I have ...
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy!
Rhyme that I dare you..my friend Halopahy!