Friday, May 06, 2005

A list of 5 things.

I have been invited to tell you what I would do should I have the opportunity to do five different jobs.

One job seems enough for me, but as I am a kind and good member of this community I shall submit to the request.

In no particular five jobs.

nanny-in this job i would surely go to jail. i don't like children and i really don't like other people's children. i do like shaking things, though.

psychic-I would get in touch with people's loved ones and tell them the exact opposite of what they told me. this would infuriate the dead and i would end up shitting on many graves in the dead of night. they hate that.

linguist-i would lick everything.

lawyer-i would establish a clientele, hire some minions, make them do the work for me and spend the rest of my days stacking blocks into neat patterns.

innkeeper-i would run an inn. i know it's boring but i think i could be good at this job.