Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thirsty on a hot summer day?

If I had an ice cream truck I would sell only semencicles to the children. I would carefully watch the girls to see which ones really enjoyed the taste, and I would try hard to weed out the fakers, the ones who say, "Mmmmm, this semencicle is the best I've ever tasted!" They say that to impress their friends and that's not what I need. I need a fan.

I'd look for the girls...or boys...who were sitting aside and devouring their semencicle making sure that the wooden stick was chewed to ring out every last drop.

I would then get samples of their DNA and make clones...millions of clones. Then my dream of being the wealthiest semencicle maker in the world would be complete and I could retire a billionaire.

I'm off for a few days...out into the country so I can live deliberately and all of that such sweet stuff.