Monday, December 26, 2005

I'll stab you till you're dead. If you're lucky.

Sometimes I wish I had the power to control brains. Probably the first thing I would to would be to control that girl from that Vampire slayer show and have her fuck a certain Ho into a blissful state of sweet relief.

After the initial flush I would marry this sad Ho, though of course I would demand a pre-nup. You can never be too sure, these days when a man loves you versus when he just wants a quick fuck and 1/2 the bank.

We would live in such a state of happy love with him paying special attention to me, getting flowers and other such fine things that a man will give his new bride.

Then when I caught him cheating on me for the forth or fifth time I would leave that bastard.

I would be sad. As only a woman who makes such a terrible mistake marrying someone named Ho could be. But a girl has certain emotions that must be flexed.

I'd move on. But I'd never find such delight again.

Though at least I'd have my millions.