Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Xmas, Jew!

I have several things to get off my chest as I'll be on holiday for a few days.

Let us call the first thing, your mom. Get her off. She's heavy and I'm done with her. Tell her it's time to go.

Let us call the second thing WTF were you thinking canceling HNT?

Where will I get to see the boobs with the nipples blacked out? Where will I get to see the 800 comments that say Happy HNT! Where will I get these things, now? Who didn't stop to think of the most important person? Me. Out of defiance I shall show you a picture (in ascii) of my half-nude ass: (o). The sphincter is distended from years of misuse, I'm sorry.

Let us call the third thing my next great invention which I invented last night and you probably have already.

I created, I am loathe to call it a cure for cancer, instead I shall call it a cancer for cancer.

That's right, I invented a cancer for cancer. It will eventually kill you, but I can't wait to see the look on smug cancer's face when it finds out that it has cancer. It is spread like the aids. From unpure thoughts and toilets and gay sex, but not lesbo sex. Gay homo sex. The bad kind.

I may be back before Kwanzaa. I may not. I have a lot of corn to shuck before then.