Thursday, December 15, 2005

The center of hell is cold. I seen it.

I plucked out my one critical eye, last night...just like that Jap did to blonde Darryl Hannah in Kill Bill and now I see things so clearly!

Guys, Jesus is the son of God! Jesus is also God! The Holy Spirit is also God! See? See how they're three but they're also one? But they're also three and the Holy Spirit can visit you? It's so clear to me now!

And science? Why are you trying to ruin the party? Some things just are because that's how they are written. I wish you could experience what I'm seeing. So clear.

On a different note. I'll bet the Jews were very surprised at how easy it was to kill the son of God. Weekend project, really. A few nails...a few boards...done. I dream of the rood.