Friday, July 07, 2006

Crunk, Crunk, booty full of Junk

Someone get Wolverine for me. The teens have been at my garbage cans again, kicking them over and upsetting the trash.

They also are about troubling things with my mail, going through it and extracting the ones that are of note.

The teens are small but they travel in packs and I need help and am afraid to leave my house or appear to ask for help because a pack of teens can sense fear and their mocks and derisions are enough to drive a man mad. The teens are try to drive a man mad.

Wolverine can be contacted at No, wait, that's bad. It's a school for the mutants, not a business.

I'll be attempting to contact Cerebro. Pray for me with all your godly might, it's going to be a long weekend, I fear.