Monday, March 21, 2011

I bet Magna means here's some and Laude means eat it and that makes Magna cum Laude finally make sense and you're welcome (welcum)

I've been spending my times in writing a new children's book called The Boy Who Sneezed Cum but it's not gross because he doesn't eat it, just sneezes it and probably wipes it on his jeans or something.

It could be a girl, too, but that seems too unbelievable.

I haven't quite written it, that much is true and I'm still shopping the concept around to the various people who buy such things.  To be honest, I just have the title and I'm not sure if it's a children's book or a romance, I can see it living in both fields reasonably well; perhaps I'll write two versions.

I'll probably start drawing the pictures this weekend unless the scotch store has run out of scotch and I'm thinking of doing it in charcoals or cray paws, whatever they are.

At this point, it's a cautionary tale about a boy growing up in the streets of Chicago.  The mean streets like Cabrini Greens or wherever the gangs are, these days.  But he's not black.  I have a hard time drawing blacks, frankly, they come out as blobs but that's not racist, it's just true.  Whites I can draw because they have firm outlines and pale white skin between the black of the lines on their faces and clothes.  Plus when I run for office I want to use this site as a testament to my tolerance which is profound and evident.

Secondarily, it's to be a cautionary tale and it's kind of rude how you thought he'd have to be black just because he was from the mean streets of Chicago ... as if white kids can't be poor.  Shame on you, sir.


Anyway, I copied the title (let this be between us) from the Girl who Picked the Hornet's nest but instead of picking and hornets it's sneezing cum because how awful would that be.  It's bad enough when it gets in your mouth and he's all waiting for you to pretend that it's a peach cobbler and you're a cum gobbler and you're all... wow, that's ... delicious... but instead of that it's all over your hands and everyone is looking at you and you're all cummy.

Like normal.