Monday, January 10, 2005

Cartoon Idea Number 372

In which Licky-Licky-Balls-So-Sticky has to be put down because he's rabid. No, no, that's not it at all, that will be the opening dream sequence of Mexican boy and he'll wake up and realize that life is fleeting and he'd better love Licky while he still has him.

Actually, this one's about how Licky-Licky-Balls-So-Sticky has to travel to The Forest Of Marraige Counseling because his cunt wife Easy-Easy-Lemon-Squeezy (All the boys all call me sleazy) washes the whites in cold in spite of repeated warnings by Licky.

Typically, Therapist takes Easy's (Easies?) side of things and Licky is forced to trample Therapist to death. Licky feels robbed when paying the twenty-dollar co-pay.

The moral of the story as Mexican boy rides off into the sunset on Licky will be that washing whites in hot or warm is really the best policy.