Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Movie of the Week #37

A Laker's Girl dancer with a heart of gold overcomes archaic, so-called-dancer-player-fraternization-labor-laws that forbid dancers from dating players on the team. And by dating I mean sleeping with/whoring it up with.

The magical moment comes when dancer girl invites a player to her house where dancer girl has a sick child who throws up on the couple while they are breaking the rules and necking on the couch. (Note: this will be a bit of a rip-off from that one movie w/ the cranky gay-hating Jack N. and the waitress with the sick child).

The 7 foot basketball player picks up the child and carries him to bed and sings him lullabyes until he finally falls asleep. Then the dancer and the player get it on...big time. I'm talking anal/caramel-action and everything.

The team finds out and they threaten to fire dancer girl, but player boy quickly becomes a lawyer and rewrites the bylaws forbidding the love making between dancers and players.

The two wed and player boy finds the cure to cancer and cures son. He also gets several tripple doubles.

To end with mid court embrace between dancer girl and player boy with the son running to meet them.

Alternate Lifetime Movie Ending--Kobe enters and rapes all of them, including player boy and the son because as he likes to say, "A hole is ahole, am I right?" After raping everyone, he goes on to score a triple double because in spite of being a sadistic rapist he's a very good basketball player and a personal hero of mine.