Monday, August 15, 2005

Lazy + Hungry = Begging

If I were a zombie I would be the kind that sat at off-ramps with a sign that said, "Will work for brains."

When the people stopped they would say, "Do you mow lawns?"

I would say...urrruunngghhhgh, which is usually Yes for zombies.

The people would let me into the back seat and I would get in and put on my seat belt for optimum safety.

After we went a few blocks I would pop off the seat belt and quickly eat the brains of everyone in the car. After the quick meal I would laugh silently to myself because I hate work, you know? But I love brains.

Probably people would start referring to me as The Sneaky Zombie or The Laziest Zombie or...The Zombie Who Says He'll Mow Your Lawn but Really Only Wants Your Brain, but I wouldn't care, I'd be full of brains and that's what really matters.