Thursday, August 11, 2005

Warriors, come out to play

Well, last night was similar to most Wednesday nights for old, Ho. I was out wandering the neighborhoods with my wife, looking for gangs.

I take my wife because she has a good eye for what the gangs look like. I'm not as hip to the gangs but I'm willing and ready to fight them and protect my neighborhood.

I always imagine my Wednesday's to be like when The Warriors tried to get home...dogged every step by the gangs. So far, not one damn gang.

I ask the people, "Have you been bothered by the gang?"

So far they have all lied and said no. I suspect they are covering up for the gangs. The little people have such fear of bodily harm. Not hook hand Ho, though. Not him.

So last night I was looking for the gang and it started to rain like a demon rain from demontopia. I nearly died of rain poison from all the rain going right into my mouth without first going through a water treatment plant.

I took off my sandals, which is the best shoes to fight the gang members in, and my wife said, "Ho! Put the sandals back on! If we're struck by lightning you'll want that rubber!"

Thank God I did put them back on because I'm pretty sure I was struck once or twice and the rubber soles protected me. Thank you, Korea. Thank you for the rubber soles. And the Korean chicks with the hot asses. Especially that.