Friday, November 11, 2005

My boss could kill your boss with a blast of a nostril

I saw this bumper sticker the other day that said, My boss is a Jewish Carpenter and I thought to myself... I'll bet he doesn't pay shit. Those Jews are cheap. That's not stereotype, that's fact. I heard this one story about this one Jew that didn't pay his employees very much and I'm pretty sure that's true.

Here's a picture of the Jew boss. It's kinda sad what they did to him. Someone was probably mad about the low wages and stuff.

But then I started thinking...those poor, poor Hindus. They can't have clever bumper stickers. They would have to have like a million bumper stickers. My god is a blue six armed bitch who will fucking kill you. That doesn't fit well on the bumper. I guess it's good that they're all too poor to buy cars.

Then I started thinking of one for the Muslims: My boss pwnt your buildings. That's pretty neat. Muslims have the fanciest boss of all. He gives out the virgins like they're going out of style. I wonder what happens when the virginity is gone.