Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Away in a manger, no crib for a babe

I am puting together my newest screenplay and I want to drop it down here for general comment before I send it over to those jackals at the Query Letter blog.

Picture this, a Muslim man (Jerry) in a long trenchcoat walking down the dusty streets of Palestine.

Suddenly, one of the Jews (Randy) sees that Jerry is holding a rip cord. Frightened nigh unto death Randy yells out in Hebrew, or whatever it is they speak over there, "Look out! He's gonna blow!"

Just then, Jerry pulls the cord and off comes the raincoat! BLAM! Underneath is a totally naked Jerry who is totally ripped.

Cue pron music: whocka whocka whok whok.

Jerry goes around the dusty square and sucks off every Jew there!

I think I'll call it, We Will Suck Your Dick For Golan Heights or something like that. Names aren't important.

Maybe I can get Arafat to play the role of Jerry. That'd be sweet.