Thursday, October 20, 2005

Did you happen to see?

I would never have sex with the cutest sixteen year old girl in Omaha because it is against the law and I fear painful judiciary consequence.

If I were to defrock the cutest sixteen year old girl in Omaha it would always be from the back so that I wouldn't have to look into those hopeful eyes asking for marriage and care and interest and future and all of the fine material things. Those are eyes that paralyze.

The frivolity would be from the back where the craned neck would hopefully suggest to me, is that all there is? Is this the sum of the game and when does it end for my knees are scratched and my arms are sore.

When all was said and done I would certainly repress the suggestion that she not tell her mom about this because that's not how the suave man operates.

The suave man accepts that there is sometimes pain at the end of every fun ride.